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Joe Turpen

Early Scooters


Well Steve Ginter has done it again if you are a scooter lover. He has now produced another in his series of aircraft books this one being Naval Fighters Number Forty-Nine Douglas A-4A/B Skyhawk in Navy Service. This will complement his other recent books, in the list at the end of this review, concerning the A-4E/F in both Navy and Marine Corps service.


As with the earlier book concerning the Skyhawk there are plenty of illustrations that are going to be useful to modelers as well as anyone interested in the Scooter. This book offers excellent coverage of the first Skyhawks as they went through development and added such items as the sugar-scoop over the exhaust. Excellent coverage is given to the test aircraft for the A-4D-1 (A-4A). The A-4D-2 (A-4B) test aircraft is also shown and the two most noticeable changes are mentioned. These are the refueling boom on the nose and the tadpole (inside-out rudder). There are some pictures of the A4D-2 prior to the addition of the refueling probe.


Following the format of his earlier books on the Skyhawk there are many illustrations, which come from the maintenance and NATOPS (Naval Aviation Training and Operational Procedures Standardized) manuals. However there are differences since this book contains painting diagrams for the standard markings applied to the aircraft. As with the E/F volume the standard aircraft characteristics information is provided. Therefore all the books are complementary and make a nice set of references on this particular aircraft. Between the various volumes that have been written so far concerning the Skyhawk a modeler should have a very good set of reference diagrams that can be used to build and detail these aircraft. Right now what I’m waiting on is the edition that will cover the Marine units, which operated the A and B models of the Skyhawk.

Also, as with the other books Ginter has written histories of the squadrons and various other units who operated these models of the Skyhawk. Some of theses squadrons, such as VA-15, continue today as Strike Fighter (VFA) squadrons. I must say this time there were some interesting units mentioned such as the Naval Parachute Facility and Naval Aircraft Torpedo Unit. Also, probably the most interesting fighter squadrons the Navy has had are covered. These are the anti-submarine fighter squadrons VSF-1 and VSF-3. Though their histories are short they are interesting. Another interesting topic in this volume is the development of the buddy stores refueling system. Again, some pictures of the system in development are provided. I hope that there is not only an A/B Marine volume coming soon but that we will see one on the C/L, M and the two seaters. At this point I must say that these books are extremely good and an excellent addition to any modelers library either as a general reference book or to use as guides to build Skyhawks.

Well After checking around I found some more information on the A-4’s so here is an updated list of some references on the Skyhawk.

Drendel, Lou. A-4 Skyhawk in Action. Aircraft No. Eleven

Elward, Brad. McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. Crowood Aviation Series

Gann, Harry. Aircraft in Profile No.102 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

Gann, Harry. Wings of Fame Volume 4 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Variant Briefing Part 1

Gann, Harry. Wings of Fame Volume 5 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Variant Briefing Part 2

Ginter, Steve. Douglas A-4E/F Skyhawk in Navy Service Naval Fighters Number Fifty-One

Ginter, Steve. Douglas A-4E/F Skyhawk in Marine Service Naval Fighters Number Fifty-Two

Kilduff, Peter. Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Osprey Air Combat

Kinzey, Bert. Detail and Scale A-4 Skyhawk. D&S Volume 32

Kinzey, Bert and Leader, Ray. Colorful U.S. Navy A-4 Skyhawks C&M Vol. 18

Peacock, Lindsay. A-4 Skyhawk. Osprey Combat Aircraft Series No. 11

Ward, Richard and McDowell, Ernest. Arco-Aircam Aviation Series No. 34 McDonnell-Douglas A-4A/L Skyhawk in USN-US Marine Corps Royal Australian Navy & Royal New Zealand Air Force Service


A last note about the best source on Skyhawks, both the aircraft and squadrons, the most important source is the Skyhawk Association. They have a web site Skyhawk but they also have a discussion group for modelers interested in the A-4. It’s on Community Zero and you have to go through an administrator to gain access but it has just started up and has potential. If you check their web site you will see they actually refer you to help for modelers. This is one group that is modeler friendly. Anyone wanting to join the Skyhawk discussion group can contact me and we’ll get you started. Remember you can never have enough Skyhawks, and Skyhawks forever.



Skyhawk Kits
Skyhawk Decals


Sheet 1: Skyhawk Kits

      A4D-1 (A-4A)    
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Lindberg   1\48th early 50's Various inaccurate based on provisional plans even issued as a Blue Angles aircraft
Revell   1\48th 1956 VA-115, VA-113 ans VA-66 Kit No. H232 was VA-115, Kit No. 299 was VA-113 and Kit No. H179 was VA-66 scales to 1\51st
Airfix 1409 1\72nd 1957 Various inaccurate and unfixable
Lindberg   1\48th 1962   XA4D-1 collectors only
Starfax   1\72nd 90's   Airfix kit mold kit appears to say A-4F shown in Ginters book
MPC 73447 1\72nd   VA-153 USS Coral Sea re-release of Airfix kit.
UPC 5070 1\48th     release of the Lindberg kit fictious decals collectors only
      A4D-2 (A-4B)    
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Fujimi 26101 1\72nd 1988 VA-152 AA-512 BuNo. 154945 USS Forrestal Argentine Navy A-4Q 3-A-307 (0660)  
Hobby Craft A-4B "Falklands Fighter" HC1433 1\48th   Various Argentine Navy and Air Force markings 3-A-308 3-A-302 3-A-304 3-A-309 C-239 C-237 Singapore Various camoflage schemes Decaling instructions poor building instructions poor
Hasegawa 9426 1\48th 2002 VA-72 AG-300 BuNo. 144952 VA-106 AL-00 BuNo. 144954 USS Essex  
Hasegawa Falklands   1\48th 2004   Jul-04
Fujimi F-27 1\72nd   VA-152 AA-512 BuNo. 154945 USS Forrestal Argentine Navy A-4Q 3-A-307 (0660) Appears to be the same as 26101 which is not mentioned by Kinzey and just may be a re-release with new number
      A4D-2N (A-4C)    
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Hobby Craft A-4C "Viet Nam" HC1434 1\48th   VA-76 NP-685 BuNo. 148609 USS Bon Homme Richard Argentina Malaysia 148609 is aircraft that shot down MIG-17 using air to surface missles Decaling and building instructions poor
Hasegawa PT22 1\48th 2001 VA-15 AA-401 BuNo. 148543 USS Forrestal VA-153 NL-302 BuNo. 147825 USS Coral Sea  
Hasegawa VA-76 Spirits 9513 1\48th 2003 VA-76 AG-301 BuNo. 149645 USS Independence VA-76 NP-685 BuNo. 148609 USS Bon Homme Richard 148609 in markings for MIG-17 shoot down
HBM Models 162 1\200th      
Fujimi F-26 1\72nd   VA-76 USS Independence VA-12 USS Shangri-La VA-144 NK USS Constellation VA-144 NH USS Kitty Hawk VA-15 USS Forrestal The VA-76 aircraft has BuNo. 149645 whis is said to be the A-4C that shot down a Mig-17 but that BuNo. was 148609
      A4D-5 (A-4E) also contains A-4 E/F kits    
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Tamiya A-4E PA 1003 1\100th 1968 VA-83 USS Independence Australian roundels also included Ginter says markings are for VA-83 while Kinzey says VA-86
Otaki A-4E OA-23 1\72nd 1968   Kinzey also lists this kit as unknown in 1\79th scale using same kit No. D&S Vo. 32 for collectors only
Fujimi A-4E FJ1 1\48th 1968 VA-155 USS Coral Sea and VMA-211, VA-212 unidentified unit from USS Enterprise  
Monogram   1\48th 1977 VMAT-102  
ESCI/Skillcraft   1\48th 1983 VA-192 USS Ticonderoga & VF-43 and 805 Sqn. RAN  
Revell A-4E 4014 1\100th 1984 VA-192 USS Ticonderoga re-release of the the Tamiya kit only had box art change
Revell Germany A-4E   1\100th 1984 VA-192 USS Ticonderoga  
BEN A-4E A24 1\100th 1987 VMA-121 and Top Gun a re-release of the Tamiya A-4E PA1003
Testor/Italeri A-4E/F   1\72 1990 VA-212 and VA-164 The VA-164 aircraft is LADY JESSIE repackaged Italeri A-4E/F kit #181
Hasegawa A-4E/F   1\73 1995 VA-55 and VMAT-102  
Hasegawa A-4E/F ST13 1\32nd 1996 VA-164 NP-401 BuNo. 155018 VA-212 NP-222 BuNo. 150000 155018 is LADY JESSIE
Hasegawa A-4E/F 8114 1\32nd 1999 NFWS #51 BuNo.154209 VF-126 #20 BuNo. 154181 Adversary paint schemes
Hasegawa A-4E/F   1\72nd 1999 VA-55 and VMAT-102  
Hobby Craft A-4E/F Adversary HC1435 1\48th ~2000 VA-127 NJ-10 BuNo. 154182 VA-126 #56 BuNo. 150023 #555 BuNo. Unknown Adversary paint schemes decaling and building instructions poor
Hobby Craft A-4E/H Israeli HC1436 1\48th ~2000 #898 Golden Eagle Sqn. #132 Valley Sqn. #61 Flying Dragon Sqn. #898 has exhaust extension decaling and building instructions poor
Hasegawa A-4E/F PT21 1\48 2000 VA-192 NM-200 BuNo. 151148 USS Ticonderoga VA-22 NF-300 BuNo. 154190 USS Bon Homme Richard  
Haswgawa A-4E/F Marine Corps 9486 1\48th 2003 VMA-211 CF-5 BuNo. 151095 CF-1 BuNo. 150076 VMA-311 WL-13 BuNo. 150013  
Hasegawa A-4E/H IDF 9522 1\48th 2003 #09 109 Sqn Valley Squadron #215 116 SqnFlying Wing Squadron No exhaust extension provided
Hasegawa A-4E/F VC-5 9535 1\48th 2004 VC-5 UE-04 BuNo. 152039 VC-5 UE-03 BuNo. 152001 Marking are different
Fujimi Blue Angles A-4F/TA-4J   1\72nd   Blue Angles Kit could be made into an A-4F or TA-4J
Italeri A-4E/F 181 1\72nd   VA-212 NP-304 BuNo. 154973 VA-45 Det 1 AU-664 BuNo. 151040 USS Intrepid  
Hasegawa A-4E/F   1\32nd   VA-153  
Monogram A-4 Agressor   1\48th      
Monogram Blue Angles   1\48th      
Hasegawa A-4E/F   1\48th   VA-212, VMA-211 & VMA-311  
Otaki A-4E OA23 1\79th     nothing is known about the kit except listed in Kinzey's D&S Vol. 32 see above for collectors only
IMC (Hawk) A-4E 485 1\72nd   VA-55 and VMA-332 one of the oldest 1\72nd kits had battle damage parts in cluded collectors interest only
ESCI A-4E 9004 1\72nd   VA-12 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and VMA-121 no frills kit
ERTL/ESCI A-4E 8241 1\72nd   VA-12 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and VMA-121 re-release of the ESCI 9004 kit including decals
AMT/ERTL A-4E   1\72nd   VA-12 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and VMA-121 re-release of the ESCI 9004 kit including decals
ERTL/ESCI A-4E 8244 1\72nd   markings for Israeli and Austrailian aircraft re-release of the ESCI 9004 kit including decals
Fujimi A-4E/F F-24 1\72nd   Navy Fighter Weapons School VC-1 and RAN A-4G  
ESCI/Scalecraft SC-4021 1\48th   VA-192 USS Ticonderoga NAS Lemoore VF-43 and an A-4G  
AMT/ERTL A-4E/F 8862 1\48th   VA-192 USS Ticonderoga NAS Lemoore VF-43 and an A-4G re-release of the ESCI/scalecraft SC-4021 kit including decals
Fujimi A-4E 5A6 1\48th   VMA-121, VMA-311, VMA-211 and VA-212 USS Hancock re-release of FJ1
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Nichimo A-4F 23 1\100th 1984 VC-1 even has engraved panellines
Hasegawa A-4F SK03 1\72nd 1984 Blue Angles had four aircraft and is a collectors item
Monogram/ProModeler 85-5976 1\48th 2002 Blue Angles Aircraft 1-4 for 1978 VMA-324 DX-7 BuNo. 150056 Used Hasegawa molds need conversion kit to make super foxtrot for Blue Angles
Hasegawa A-4F/ TA-4J 1140 1\72nd   Blue Angles offers option of a single seat version or TA-4J however the fuselage of the TA-4J is shorter than the single seat version
HBM Models 162 1\200th      
ESCI A-4F 9003 1\72nd   VF-101 Det. Key West and unidentified Marine Adversary aircraft  
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Takara 441006.3 1\100th 1985 VMA-214 and fictional Royal Asian Air Force from a Japanese comic book  
Fujimi Tomcats F22 1\72nd 1987 VMA-311 WL-07 BuNo. 160024 WL-10 BuNo. 160028 VMA-214 WE-19 BuNo. 158414 WE-6 BuNo. 160027 160028 and 160027 are in High Vis Gray/White
Hasegawa   1\48th 2004   Jun-04
Matchbox PK-29 1\72nd   VMA-331 and VMA-324 worst A-4M kit
Matchbox PK-29 1\72nd   Israeli A-4N and VMA-324 worst A-4M kit re-release of above kit with markings changes
Testors A-4 Agressor 271 1\72nd   markings for 160264 included Navy Never used A-4M as adversary aircraft and BuNo. used is an A-4E more wrong than right with this kit
ESCI/Scalecraft A-4M/N 4016 1\48th   VMA-214, VMA-311 and Israeli A-4N re-release of ESCI/Scalecraft A-4E/F with modifications for A-4M/N
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Fujimi "Free Kuwait" 1059 1\72nd 1991 Kuwait AF # 809 BuNo. 160188 #814 BuNo 160193 A-4N No.s 317 & 322 A-4M VMA-324 DX-9 BuNo. 158162 DX-18 BuNo. 158171 Desert Strorm and Yom Kippur War covered
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Hasegawa 9496 1\48th 2003 VC-2 JE-05 BuNo.147754 VC-13 UX-3 BuNo. 147825 147754 in Bi-centennial markings
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Monogram 5436 1\48th 1985 H&MS-?? YU-06 BuNo. 154307 Letter code indicates H&MS-11 However "outlaws" indicates H&MS-12
Hasegawa 613 1\72nd 1987 H&MS-12 WA-01 BuNo. 154638 WA-06 BuNo. 154645 H&MS-32 DA-93 153527  
Fujimi Samuri MAG-12 F29 1\72nd 1994 H&MS-12 00~07 Markings for all 8 aircraft
Fujimi F23 1\72nd   H&MS-12 and H&MS-32  
Testors/Italeri 637 1\72nd   H&MS-12 and H&MS-13  
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Haswgawa A-4SU Super Skyhawk 'Black Knights" 9456 1\48th 2002 Black Knights aircraft 1-4 R.S.A.F. flight demo team
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Hasegawa RNZAF 9441 1\48th 2002 No. 2 Sqn NZ6211 No. 75 Sqn. NZ6206 NZ6211 is a KAHU aircraft
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Hasegawa Diamond Anniversary 8126 1\32nd 2000 VT-24 #475 BuNo. 158723 VT-25 #575 BuNo. 155103 75th Anniversary of Naval Aviation markings
Hasegawa S24 1\32nd 2000 VF-126 NJ-601 BuNo. 154290 Bi-centennial paint scheme
Hasegawa TA-4F/J JS140 1\72nd   CNTRA aircraft and Blue Angles  
Fujimi TA-4F/J F-25 1\72nd   VA-45 ComLatWing One VC-1 H&MS-12 TA-4H Israeli AF  
Fujimi TA-4F 5A12 1\48th   VF-126 and H&MS-12 not really a good TA-4 kit also actually 1\50th scale
Kit Number Scale Year Markings Comments
Sankyo A4D 37 1\150th 1960   only evidence the kit exists is it is listed in Bert Kinzey's D&S Vol. 32 collectors interest only
Bachman A-4 78 1\144th 1964   preassembled kit with press on markings not compareable to present 1\144th scale kits collectors interest only
Central A4D CE 201 1\72nd 1969 VA-34 collectors only
Starfax 105 1\72nd     nothing known about it listec in Kinzey's D&S Vol 32 collectors interest only
Hasegawa JS-048 1\72nd   VA-12 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt VMA-211 and VA-113 USS Enterprise early release and has fuselage .25 inches to long for a single seat A-4
Hasegawa 48 1\72nd   VA-212 USS Hancock and VMA-311  
Hasegawa 7 1\72nd   VMA-211 and VMA-311  

Sheet 2: Skyhawk Decals

      Eagle Strike    
Sheet No. Scale Title Aircraft Color Scheme Comments
48023 1\48th A-4 Skyhawks Pt. 1 149623 Air Barons AF-1 Gray/White  
145078 VA-204 AF-400
48024 1\48th A-4 Skyhawks pt. 2 147754 VC-2 JE-05 Gray/White 147754 is an A-4L
149573 VA-106 AG-313 USS Independence
48032 1\48th A-4 Skyhawks Pt. 3 147825 VA-153 NL-302 USS Coral Sea Gray/White For 145097 cover shows 148842
145097 VT-86 AB-18 144962 is an A4D-2
144962 VA-106 AK-301 USS Essex  
48033 1\48th A-4 Skyhawks Pt. 4 148611 VA-112 AH-411 USS Ticonderoga Gray/White 148505 and 149551 are A-4L’s
149551 VC-13 UX-5
148505 VMA-142 MB-5
      Custom Aeronautical Miniatures    
Sheet No. Scale Title Aircraft Color Scheme Comments
48-040 1\48th Heinemann’s Hot Rods 140598 VSF-1 AG-514 USS Independence Gray/White 147825 is also on Eagle Strike sheet 48032
147825 VA-153 NL-302 USS Coral Sea
48-041 1\48th Heinemann’s Hot Rods 148562 VA-64 AG-603 USS Independence Gray/White  
145118 VC-2 JE-00
48-042A 1\48th Heinemann’s Hot Rods 150001 VA-152 AJ-500 USS Shangri-La Gray/White  
154973 VA-212 NP-304 USS Hancock
48-043 1\48th Heinemann’s Hot Rods 158913 VMA-311 WL-07 Gray/White 158913 is an A-4M
151054 VA-192 NM-207 USS Ticonderoga
48-074 1\48th Heinemann’s Hot Rods 154173 VA-55 NP-500 USS Hancock Gray/White  
150009 VA-12 AB-407 USS F.D. Roosevelt
48-093A 1\48th Heinemann’s Hot Rods 155022 VA-164 NP-401 USS Hancock Gray/White 155022 is LADY JESSIE
155068 VA-22 NF-303 USS Bon Homme Richard
      Cutting Edge    
Sheet No. Scale Title Aircraft Color Scheme Comments
CED 48161 1\48th A-4 Skyhawks 155010 VA-55 NP-500 USS Hancock Gray/White  
151197 VMA-332 EA-14
CED 48162 1\48th A-4 Skyhawks 145140 VA-192 NM-207 USS Bon Homme Richard Gray/White 145140 is an A-4C
150032 VA-55 NF-502
CED 48163 1|48th A-4 Skyhawks 139943 VA-44 AD-313 Gray/White 139943 is a A4D-1
148510 VA-113 HH-309 USS Kitty Hawk
CED 48193 1\48th A-4M/A-4KU Skyhawks Pt. 1 160024 VMA-131 QG-00 Gray/White  
160188 9 Squadron A-4KU Desert Camouflage
162215 9 Squadron TA-4KU  
CED 48194 1\48th A-4M Skyhawks Pt. 2 158432 VMA-214 WE-6 Gray/White  
160032 VMA-311 WL-22
CED 48195 1\48th A-4M Skyhawks Pt. 3 160262 VMA-311 VL-000 Gray/White  
158192 VMAT-102 SC-9
      Super Scale    
Sheet No. Scale Title Aircraft Color Scheme Comments
48-705 1\48th   150000 VA-212 NP-222 Gray/White Decal for 150000 left off one zero
152033 VA-94 NF-411 USS Bon Homme Richard 152033 Sassy Sue
48-706 1\48th   150092 VMA-121 VK-10 Gray/White  
150001 VA-152 AJ-500 USS Shangri-La
48-720 1\48th   154976 VA-93 NF-311 USS Bon Homme Richard Gray/White  
155013 VA-55 NP-516 USS Hancock
48-721 1\48th   155060 VA-155 NE-413 USS Ranger Gray/White  
154201 VA-23 NM-300 USS Ticonderoga
48-727 1\48th   148553 VC-5 UH-07 Gray/White  
145132 VA-112 AH-403 USS Ticonderoga
48-728 1\48th   148586 VSF-1 AG-500 USS Independence Gray/White  
147798 VA-95 AB-507 USS John F. Kennedy
48-735 1\48th   149495 VA-113 NH-309 USS Kitty Hawk Gray/White 145495 has 2683 on tail
145495 VA-86 AG-402 USS Randolph
48-736 1\48th   142138 VA-83 AG-306 USS Forrestal Gray/White 144937 is said to have markings for 1958 however aircraft model designation says A-4B the 1963 designation
144937 VA-212 NP-206 USS Hancock
48-756 1\48th   142782 VA-106 AF-514 USS Intrepid Gray/White 144966 is said to have markings for 1967 however aircraft model designation says A4D-2 the pre 1963 designation
144966 VA-216 AC-600 USS Saratoga
48-762 1\48th   145013 VA-15 AK-00 USS Intrepid Gray/White 145013 is said to have markings for 1967 however aircraft model designation says A4D-2 the pre 1963 designation
144904 VA-164 AH-400 USS Oriskany
48-763 1\48th   142871 VA-36 AC-601 USS Saratoga Gray/White  
144922 VA-81 AJ-407 USS Forrestal
48-773 1\48th   151040 VA-45 Det.1 AU-664 USS Intrepid Gray/White  
150060 VA-195 NM-500 USS Oriskany
48-800 1\48th   142420 VA-12 AK-00 USS Essex Gray/White  
142520 VA-22 NS-11 USS Kearsarge
48-801 1\48th   144900 VA-34 AC-305 Gray/White 144900 is said to have markings for 1962 however aircraft model designation says A-4B the 1963 designation
48-823 1\48th   159481 VMA-211 CF-6 Gray/White  
158164 VMA-324 DX-7
48-824 1\48th   160028 VMA-311 WL-10 Gray/White  
150049 VMAT-102 SC-2
48-872 1\48th   149493 VA-66 AK-312 USS Intrepid    
147749 VA-76 AG-310 USS Independence
Sheet No. Scale Title Aircraft Color Scheme Comments
78 1\72nd   151073 VA-155 NL USS Constellation #724 IDF 154904 805 Sqn RAN NZ-6202 75 Sqn RNZAF 148510 VA-113 NH USS Kitty Hawk 145140 VA-192 NM USS Bon Homme Richard Various depending on aircraft Aircraft represented are A-4E, A-4N, A-4G, A-4K and A-4C
Sheet No. Scale Title Aircraft Color Scheme Comments
72-77 1\72nd   154892 VA-34 AC-301 USS Saratoga 147681 VMA-22 YV-81 USS Hornet 145132 VA-112 AH-403 USS Ticonderoga 144954 VA-152 AA-512 USS Forrestal 147798 VA-95 AB-507 USS John F. Kennedy Gray/White 154892 should be 144892 144892 & 144954 are A-4B's 147681, 145132 and 147798 are A-4C's
72-78 1\72nd   148516 VA-64 AG USS Independence 148586 VSF-1 AG USS Independence 148467 VMA-224 WK 152099 VMA-121 VK 152032 VMA-223 WP Gray/White A-4C and A-4E represented
72-106 1\72nd   #218 IDF Green, Yellow and Tan poor painting instructions
72-114 1\72nd   151112 VC-1 UA-10 154976 VA-93 NF-311 USS Bon Homme Richard 154178 VA-144 NF-500 USS Bon Homme Richard 147825 VA-203 AF-315 159651 VMA-311 WL-00 Gray/White 151112 is an A-4E 154976 & 154178 are A-4F's 147825 is an A-4L no conversion instructions for an A-4L 159691 is a UH-1N BuNo.
72-138 1\72nd   Blue Angles 1-4   no Pilot names
72-170 1\72nd   148609 VC-2 JE 151118 VF-43 AD 148505 VMA-112 MB 149661 VMA-211 CF Gray/White except for 151118 which has a Gray and Blue camoflauge all except 148505 are A-4E's
72-210 1\72nd   154315 RCVW-4 & VA-45 AD 153674 VX-4 XF 153468 VF-126 NJ 153663 VMAT-102 SC 154315 & 153674 Gray/White the others are overall white 154315 & 153468 are TA-4F's 153674 & 153663 are TA-4J's
72-211 1\72nd   158130 VT-7 153478 VT-24 C 153506 H&MS-11 TM 158500 VT-21 Overall White except for 153506 which is Gray/White all are TA-4J's except 153506
72-227 1\72nd   158148 NWEF 158168 VMA-311 WL 159474 VMA-214 WE 160264 158726 IAF 158148 Black/White all others Gray/White except 158726 which has IAF camoflauge scheme 158726 is an A-4N while all others are A-4M's
72-315 1\72nd   155022 VA-164 NP 154998 VA-192 NM 154970 VA-22 NE Gray/White 155022 is LADY JESSIE all are A-4F's


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