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Owner(s) A-4C  BuNo 149606 owned by Skyhawk Ventures LLC. (Donated as a flying display by Porter Spangler and Dan Carr).




  • 149606 A-4C: N2262Z ; c/n 12931.
Home Base(s):

  • Displayed at Valiant Air Command Museum Inc. in Titusville, Florida.

  • Building this bird: From Porter Spangler: The US Navy serial numbers are different than the civilian FAA serial number. The FAA SN was issued along with the N number when the airplane was registered by the FAA as a civilian A4. I have no idea how the FAA generated that number. I tried to get it registered as N149606Z or a variation on that but was unable to get that number. There is no connection between the BU numbers issued by the Navy and the FAA numbers. The Bu Number is only important for historical purposes. The BU Number for the forward section never changes. If a forward section was damaged beyond repair then after removing all usable parts it was scrapped and the BU Number and serial number that was on the forward section was then removed from the Navy’s records. The SN and Bu No 149606 was set at the time of manufacture according to the Douglas production contract. The Navy BU Number and serial number are found on the aircraft data plate which is riveted to the forward fuselage on the left side canted bulkhead behind the pilot seat (right side facing aft). The wing and tail did come from two other aircraft as you identified them. However the wing and aft fuselage do not have data plates with serial numbers or Bu numbers. They are considered simply as airframe parts or part assemblies and will have a part number or assembly number stamped on the them. The forward fuselage also has a part number. Those assemblies were often changed out in the fleet based on battle damage and the need for having flyable aircraft up and ready (unusable parts were pushed overboard). The BU Number and serial number represent the entire aircraft regardless of whether some of the individual parts or assemblies were replaced from a parts depot or other damaged and non airworthy aircraft. I was able to identify the aircraft BU Numbers for the aircraft that the tail and wing came from because we purchased them with the BU Number painted on the tail section. The wing was a little more speculative as it was removed from the forward fuselage by the seller and they identified that aircrafts BU Number for me. The aft fuselage did not have a rudder, horizontal stabilizer, speed brakes and elevators when I purchased it. Those parts were all from other aircraft. The aft fuselage had the Bu Number from the last A4 that it was attached to painted on its side. The same applies to the wing. There were no ailerons, landing gear, gear doors, flaps or slats on the wing when I purchased it. I purchased those separately also and there is no record of the completed A4 BU Numbers that they came from. They were purchased by part number which insured that they were “Charlie” parts. I have been told that there are very few A4s anywhere that have all of the original parts still attached that were there when the aircraft rolled off the assembly line. There are many reasons for that including Life limits for the individual parts. When a part reached its life limit then it was replaced and the part was then remanufactured by a NARF and put back on other aircraft. So it is not at all unusual for 149606 to have many parts from many other aircraft after all of these years. Most of the limits were based on such things as the number of arrested landings, flight hours, and hard landings.
  • 20 MAY 2010 - Dave Dollarhide: "I flew my RV-4 down to Sanford yesterday to hang out while “Skyhawk Ventures” performed another run up and taxi test on their A-4C. Dan Carr, Porter Spangler and I watched as Larry Elmore (Worm) exercised the machine. The tower let Worm perform a take-off/abort on 9L and it really brings back memories to see that thing blowing oil smoke out both sides. He said the acceleration was pretty exciting, even with the J-65-W16. They were to weigh it after I flew back home, but expect the airplane to weigh less than 10,000#....getting down to A-4A weights. It won’t be long before this cool looking “Charlie” takes to the air." Hide
  • 05 NOV 2011: 149606 N2262Z (Skyhawk Ventures) Seen flying at NAS Jacksonville (Towers Fld) dressed as AE-402 CVA-66
  • JUL 2014:

    149606 A-4C: Displayed at Valiant Air Command Museum Inc. in Titusville, Florida.
    N2262Z and serial number 60-12377. Owned by Skyhawk Ventures LLC. (Donated for display by Porter Spangler and Dan Carr). Display contact Robert H. Frazier. Still Flyably, just ask Skyhawker Dave "Hide" Dollarhide.
Unit Photos

MAR 1974: 149606 in storage at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, March, 1974. Photo by Ron Picciani.

Date Unknown:
Front Fuselage of BuNo 149606, the wing section will be from BuNo 145131 and the rear fuselage from BuNo 148576.

The wing section from BuNo 145131 is going to complete the build of 149606.

The tail section from BuNo 148576 is going to complete the build of 149606.

20 MAY 2011:
Pic 1 149606, pilot and airshow fans. 
Pic 2 149606, night photo.
Pic 3 149606 tail, A4 SA HQ.
Pic 4 149606 cockpit and unknown.
Pic 5 149606 cockpit and unknown.
Pic 6 149606 cockpit and unknown photographer.
Pic 7 149606 forward fuselage and unknown.
Pic 8 149606
Pic 9 149606 takeoff, gear down.
Pic 10 149606 inflight, gear, hook and flaps down and boards out from RV ???
Pic 11 149606 about to touch down.
Pic 12 149606 pilot and others unknown.
Pic 14 149606 pilot.

04 August 2011: Sanford, FL.

Larry Elmore makes his first approach following restoration and photo chase plane (RV-4, N203DD) piloted by Dave Dollarhide. Photo from the ground by George Speake.

Larry Elmore makes the first landing following restoration. Airborne photo by Alex Beatty in the back seat of the photo chase plane (RV-4, N203DD) piloted by Dave Dollarhide.

Rick Millson in the cockpit following Rick's first flight in 149606 since he was hit by 37mm AAA fire in Vietnam.

Dave Dollarhide photos of BuNo 149606.

Y2012: "Hide" pulling 149606, NX2262Z, with a Tug. Pic1 and Pic2

Y2013: Skyhawk Ventures LLC A-4C BuNo 149606 NX2262Z


Valiant Air Command War Bird Museum (VAC) A-4C in the air.

BuNo Tag Plate.

NAS JAX Air Show.

Airworthy Certificate.

Skyhawk Ventures BuNo 149606 take-off at air-show.

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