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In 1974, under a $250 million contract, the government of Kuwait purchased 30 newly manufactured A-4Ms and six TA-4s, along with spare parts and support equipment. The Kuwaiti Skyhawks were designated A-4KU and TA-4KU. Delivery began in 1977.
Many of the Kuwaiti Skyhawks, based at Dhahran Air base in Saudi Arabia, were flown on combat missions against Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War. At least two of the Kuwaiti A-4s, one flown by Colonel Mubarak, the commanding officer of the Kuwaiti Skyhawk squadron, were lost to Iraqi ground fire during that war. Colonel Mubarak was one of the Allied POWs.

Kuwait A-4KU / TA-4KU BuNos


160180 N1001

160181 N1002

160182 N1003 damaged/destroyed

160183 N1004

160184 N1005

160185 N1006 damaged/destroyed

160186 N1007

160187 N1008 Fate unknown

160188 N1009

160189 N1010

160190 N1011

160191 N1012 damaged/destroyed

160192 N1013

160193 N1014

160194 N1015 damaged/destroyed

160195 N1016

160196 N1017

160197 N1018

160198 N1019

160199 N1020

160200 N1021 damaged/destroyed

160201 N1022

160202 N1023

160203 N1024

160204 N1025

160205 N1026

160206 N1027 Shot Down

160207 N1028 damaged/destroyed

160208 N1029 damaged/destroyed

160209 N1030


160210 N1031 Museum in Kuwait

160211 N1032 Musuem in Kuwait

160212 N1033

160213 N1034

160214 N1035 Fate unknown

160215 N1036

Kept in near-mint condition in storage after their retirement, the remaining Kuwaiti Skyhawks were sold to Brazil in 1997.

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